" I had no idea. I didn't know there was a way to prevent this nightmare."

Unfortunately, the staff at Precision Roofing Services hear phrases like that too often. Too often, our roofing specialists are not called until the damage has been done and there's no other option besides a costly repair.

Jeff and the staff at Precision Roofing Services; believe that the best defense is a solid offence, which is why we are proudly announcing our newest line of service: Preventative Roofing.

Let’s be honest, roofs are generally overlooked until you can not avoid the situation any longer. Not all of us are roofing specialists; most of us will overlook little leaks, ignore small water stains on the ceiling and assume pools left on flat roof after a good rain are normal. The consultants at Precision Roofing Services know those “little quirks” can have devastating consequences, especially when ignored.


As you scroll through the photos, notice how the roof is con-caving, especially in the middle of the roof. Eventually, the water will strip away the coating on the roof, eat away at the decking and start to damage the interior. The Waverly Party Store is an example of the extreme damage water can do to your roof. Notice the damage that ponding caused to the decking? See the condition of the steel underlay and check out the rotted wood.

Preventative Roofing, could have quickly addressed the surface issues and stopped this from developing. Precision Roofing Services could have installed a roof coating that repelled water and upheld to ponding caused by the ever changing Michigan weather.

Instead, this client had to address damages to the roof as well as - damages to the interior.Not only did this client have to address the issues of needing a new roof, they had to make interior repairs, take inventory, remove whatever was damaged, and start the cleaning process which was timely time and expensive.


It is our intention to offer Preventative Roofing, to eliminate these kinds of headaches and devastation for our clients. Preventative Roofing puts the control in your hands. By knowing the status of your roof, you will be able to decide when your next roofing project is.

Do not be dictated by faulty materials or failing products - schedule a Preventative Roofing Service today and get peace of mind!

A great option and our first recommendation is Gaco Western’s silicone roofing systems. GacoFlex is literally the option, with the most options! It is petroleum-free, chemical resistant and is backed by an unparalleled fifty year warranty. GacoFlex is available in five stock colors as well as a multitude of custom colors! Besides being versatile, this product is durable and it meets the factory mutual approvals with a Class A Fire performance. GracoFlex can be applied to a number of surfaces including; preexisting roofs including metal roofs, S.P.F. roofs, concrete and other coatings.

This product will last almost four times longer then any other roof coating product on the market. GacoFlex coating extends the lifespan of your current roof which results in less aged materials going to the landfill. The photo to the left, shows just one load of unprotected roofing materials that ended up at the local landfill.

When Precision Roofing Services installs Gaco coating, we know that we are giving our clients the best product for their money, the best long term solution and peace of mind. Gaco Western offers an unparalleled fifty year warranty on this project because, they like Precision Roofing Services believe in the Gaco coating system.

If Gaco is not a viable option for your roofing situation, Precision Roofing Services also offers:

  • E.P.D.M. rubber roofing
  • P.V.C. Sheeted Roofing
  • T.P.O. Roofing
  • S.P.F. Roofing