This customer contacted us when he first noticed a water stain on the living room ceiling.  When our repair technician arrived, he immediately noticed the branches of a pine tree hanging over the roof.  Upon closer inspection, he found where saplings from the pine tree had actually begun to grow from the roof!


We began the repair by trimming the pine tree in front of the home back to expose the damaged area.  We then tore off all shingles and underlayment down to the roof deck in the area to be repaired.  We installed waterproof shingle underlayment to the roof and to the remainder of the deck.  New shingles were installed in the specified area. 

  • Branches from trees should be kept trimmed away from your roof and gutters to avoid damage.

  • We start by tearing off the damaged shingles.

  • Fortunately for this customer, the roof decking was surprisingly in good condition and did not need to be replaced.

  • Water proof shingle underlayment was installed.

  • New shingles were then installed to the repair area.

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