Home built in 1979 - roof leaking on backside of home in kitchen and garage area-roof age was 2-5 years old. Upon evaluation by our technician, it was discovered that one side of the ridge was missing 5 to 6 inches of decking which allowed water to get in.


One layer of existing shingles down to the roof deck in the valley and ridge area was removed for proper exposure of the area to be repaired and replaced.  It was discovered by our technician that one side of the ridge was missing 5-6 inches of decking which was allowing water to get in.  Our technician closed the wide gap, up at the ridge by filling in with new OSB to prevent water from getting in.  Ice and Water Shield was installed and Proof Synthetic Underlayment was secured to the roof deck.  Installed CertainTeed Landmark Shingles in Driftwood over prepared roof surface.

  • Valley area leaking

  • Proposed tear off area

  • indication of leaking

  • tear off down to the decking

  • Underlayment

  • Ridge was missing 5-6 inches of decking on one side

  • Complete ridge tear off

  • Repair decking

  • Repair Valley decking

  • Replace Ridge Shingles

  • Replace Valley Shingles

  • Completed Ridge Area Repair

  • Completed Ridge and Valley Repair

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