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We offer a 15 year or a lifetime of roof warranty on the work we provide. This does not include the supplier’s warranty on the shingles.

Yes, if the temperature is above 35 degrees, we can properly install roofs.

If the shingles are missing granules, have become cracked, or you notice curling. These are signs that your shingles need replacing.

Yes, and every consultant will have not only their personal license available, but also the company’s liability insurance as well upon request

Not necessarily. Leaking can come from many issues, especially with cold Michigan weather. Leaking can be caused by ice damning, animals, storm damage, or foliage/ moss, but it’s always better to have it looked at before any issue becomes too problematic.

Asphalt shingled roofs should be replaced around 20-25 years of age but should consider this closer to the 20-year age range.

A typical roof, with one layer of shingles, will take 2-3 days. Please take into consideration if your roof has multiple layers or needs new decking,

Upon inspection our consultants will check the attic for any decking issues, and to make sure the wood is up to code. Re-decking a home is done more times than not because the roof needs to be brought up to code rather than rot or other damages.  Your consultant will be able to identify majority of the issues before we start the project if attic access is available.