Customer contacted us with concerns about their roof leaking during heavy rains.  This home built in 1955 has a hexagon roof shape with cathedral ceilings.  Skylights, worn flashing and poor ventilation were contributing to the roof leaking.  Our customer felt it was time for a new roof.


We tore off all shingles and underlayment from the entire house.  We then installed water proof shingle underlayment to the roof and remainder of the deck. We repaired the roof as needed and then installed new flashing at all the roof/wall intersections and chimneys.  We then installed proper intake and exhaust ventilation before installing a new CertainTeed Landmark Shingle roofing system in Heather Blend.  We also replaced the skylights with new WASCO fixed deck mounted units and replaced the old gutter system by installing wood fascia and re-lined the gutters with aluminum gutter pan system.

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