Customer contacted us because she noticed a leak.  Our repair technician discovered a small area on either side of the chimney where the wood had rotted underneath the shingles, most likely due to improperly installed flashing.  It was also discovered that the chimney saddle was built on the old existing roof--instead of starting from scratch right down to the decking.


We started by tearing off the old shingles around the chimney and replacing the rotted wood.  We then custom framed by installing 2x4 around the brick to create stability for the replacement of the roof decking and shingles.  New decking was installed followed by ice guard underlayment.  Shingles were then installed along with step flashing around the brick area.  Counter flashing was installed and joints caulked to the finish the job.

  • rotted wood around the chimney due to a leaky valley and improperly installed flashing.

  • tear off and replace wood around the chimney.

  • stability was added for the new decking and shingles.

  • new decking.

  • Our technician custom bent a fill piece of metal step flashing.

See images here.