Images of a project where the homeowner attempted to repair a roof leak on his own.


The homeowner handed over the project to professionals to fix the leak.

  • Water stain typically indicates a roof leak.

  • Homeowner attempted to fix the leak with patch and tar.

  • Tar Never Fixes A Roof Leak

  • Roof was leaking where an addition had been added on.

  • tear -off and starting from scratch

  • Part flat roof repair - part asphalt repair

  • the tar, 5 layers of shingles, siding had to be removed

  • Foamboard insulation needed to be torn off and replaced

  • Our technicians found 5 layers of shingles in the repair area which needed to be torn off

  • Previous homeowners just kept adding more layers to the leak area

  • We applied Mulehide Brand Modified Bitumen - a rolled roofing granulated membrane to the flat roof area.

  • Our technician finishes up the job.

  • The Finished Project - No More Leak

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