The customer had had several contractors take a look at his siding but no one seemed to be able to correct the problem.  


Our consultant actually got up on the roof and did a complete inspection, carefully checking for any areas that may be causing leaks.  After the roof checked out, he took a closer look at the windows and discovered leakage around one of the windows.  This was contributing to the wood rot and damaged siding also.  Our crew removed the boards on the inside of the window and installed new boards.  They then removed rotted boards on the outside and installed all new PVC boards on the outside.  They then caulked and sealed everything.  The result - no more leakage and one happy customer!

  • deteriorated siding

  • Detecting where the leakage is can sometimes be a mystery.

  • wood rot around the window indicates a long period of leaking.

  • leakage around the window caused wood rot in the siding as well.

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