Customer had noticed a water stain in the kitchen ceiling area a few weeks ago.


The area of the roof causing the leak was identified by our technician and repaired.

  • The existing leak on the roof had caused interior damage to the kitchen ceiling and it was slowly making its way down the wall, potentially causing other problems to the home's interior in the future.

  • The problem area had been tampered with by the previous home owner or contractor. It was obvious the identified leak area had caused problems before and the attempt to patch over it had failed.
  • There were a few other problems around the identified leak area that were also in need of some attention and we brought it to the attention of the homeowner. We also found a missing shingle on the roof near the damaged area which may have been contributing to the problem.
  • We made the repair by tearing off all shingles and underlayment from the damaged area down to the roof deck. We then installed water proof shingle underlayment to the roof and repaired the roof deck. We then installed new asphalt shingles over the prepared surface.