Homeowners often ask us about the different terms that surround the craft of roofing.  Sharing knowledge is an act of good will.  We at Precision Roofing Services are here to give clarity on some confusing technical words you may not be able to understand.

Here is a simple list of various basic roofing terminologies:

  • Fascia: This part comes in the form of a band, a face, or even a flat board that is found at the edge of the roof.  This flat board serves as a layer of protection between the edge of the roof (where it is located) and the exterior from harsh weather conditions.
  • Flashing: This is made of pieces of metal attached onto roof joints to prevent water leakage.
  • Gable:  It is the triangular area formed beneath a sloping roof.
  • Ridge:  This is famously known as the very peak of the roof.  This horizontal flat line is formed when two separate sloping surfaces of the roof meet.
  • Soffit:  The soffit is the exposed surface under the overhanging part of a roof.  It serves as a part of the ventilation system, because it is usually where the vents are placed.
  • Underlayment:  This material can be found between the outer roof and the roof deck.  It serves as the second layer of protection underneath the outermost layer of roofing.
  • Valley:  The angle formed when two sliding roof surfaces meet.
  • Vent:  The vent helps in the flow of air and ventilation.

We hope this compilation of basic roofing terminologies will help you to better understand what we are talking about when discussing your roof repairs or replacement.