The underlayment, though not often seen, is a very important part of the roofing system.  It prevents water from seeping underneath the shingles.  It's installed right on top of the decking and serves as an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Like shingles and flashing, underlayment is important in preventing roof leaks.  A good quality underlayment resists water fairly well. The thicker and stiffer it is, the better and longer it can protect against the weather.

Just like other parts of the roof, the underlayment is also prone to problems.  In fact, a failed underlayment is a common roofing concern.  To help keep your roof in top shape, here's what our team at Precision Roofing Services, your expert roofers in Mid-Michigan, has to say about causes and repair options:

What are the Causes of Failure

There are many reasons an underlayment could fail including:

  • Poor quality - Underlayment made with subpar materials can't keep water out effectively.  What happens is the product wrinkles and prematurely fails.

We have a range of options for your roofing underlayment.  Top manufacturers offer products that provide an extra layer of protection against the elements.  Many products offer a "breathable" roof deck protection that's installed in between your shingles and roof deck. It keeps water from infiltrating the area under the shingles and causing structural damage.

The great thing about this kind of underlayment is that it doesn't buckle when installed.  Because the shingles can lay flatter on it, it may help reduce blow-offs and storm damage.

  • Poor installation - An underlayment that's made from fine materials may still fail if it wasn't installed correctly.  During installation, footfall or improper handling may damage it.

Here at Precision Roofing Services, we have the best trained installers in the Mid-Michigan area.  They know how to install an underlayment properly so that it can protect your roof for a long time.

How to Repair a Failed Underlayment

Underlayment damage is not easy to spot.  We don't recommend climbing up on your roof and lifting shingles.  You may cause more damage than you can prevent.

Your best bet is enlisting the help of an expert roofer Mid-Michigan residents trust.  We here at Precision Roofing Services can help you check for underlayment failure.  If your area has just been through a storm, all the more reason for you to call us.  We will help you identify your roofing problems before they get worse, and make recommendations to either repair or replace your roofing system.

After an inspection, we will recommend solutions that best fit your roofing needs.  Our dedicated team of repair and replacement specialists will help get your roof back in shape.