Be Wary Of The LowBid Roofing Contractor - Image 1

We've all heard of stories from our neighbors and relatives about roofing projects gone bad.  We've heard of leaking, flashing, and other problems because of faulty installation, or low grade materials, or both.  If you're thinking of hiring a contractor to work on your roof, make sure you thoroughly weigh your options and choose a company you can rely on.

Whether you need a worn out roof replaced, or a roof repair done, there are a number of roofing contractors in the Mid-Michigan area to choose from.  All of these companies can sound promising -- especially those who low bid.  However, some may be wolves in sheep's clothing.  Any contractor can claim to be the best -- even those who are not properly licensed.  A tell-tale pattern on an uninsured or underinsured contractor is the low-bid.  Be very wary of the low-bid contractor!  The contractor working without insurance saves between 10% and 100% of his labor cost by operating without insurance, but he puts you at great risk.

Here are a few tips when choosing a roofing contractor and making a successful construction investment:

  • Proof of licensing
  • Proof of Permanent Place of Business
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Warranties and Certifications
  • Experience and Customer Service Record

Once you've assessed all of these factors, the choice becomes very clear.  Precision Roofing Services is the contractor you need to call. We fit the mold, we're licensed, and we have a permanent place of business.  We also have the necessary insurance to work on your home, and we have been in business for many years.  

Choosing a contractor to work on your roof doesn't have to be a difficult decision.  Once you consider all of these factors mentioned above, the choice becomes clear.  Be the one to tell the story of how a contractor like Precision Roofing Services is able to help you with your roofing projects with the utmost professionalism and superior workmanship.