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One important way to prevent leaks and other costly roof repairs is to have your roof inspected by professionals before winter arrives.

Here is a roofing maintenance checklist you may want to consider before the snow and ice season begins:

Have your gutters cleaned 

Well kept gutters would mean that rain and snow and all sorts of debris would be able to flow freely from the roof, through the gutters and the downspouts, and down to the group.  Keeping them unclean can lead to clogging, which ultimately contributes to the formation of ice dams.

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Remove overhanging tree branches

This is most applicable if you have a tree that is situated right beside your home.  It will reach your roof when its branches grow longer.  Branches on top of a roof can be absolutely damaging especially during a storm as they can pierce through parts of your home and cause leaks.  Remove them even before they fall off to prevent damage to your roof.

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Check on your insulation and ventilation

Having a fully functional insulation and ventilation system has benefits.  Your roofing system will be able to avoid temperature imbalance that can eventually cause the formation of moisture, roof foundation rotting, and the formation of ice dams.

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Leave it to the pros and schedule a roof inspection with us today!

Hiring our roofing professionals to perform an inspection will provide you a thorough and accurate assessment of your roofing system.  Our roofing experts are trained to check, recognize, and diagnose any potential problems they may find and help you avoid costly leaks and repairs later on.

Our consultants will give you a complete assessment report and make recommendations after conducting an inspection.  It's best to have them done as early as possible to prevent worsening of any damage that you may not have detected.

This list may sound simple but these are deemed essential to preserve the durability and beauty of your home before the winter weather arrives.  

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