What To Do Before and After a Snowstorm - Image 1

While we can't stop winter from occurring, residents should be prepared for ice and snow storms which can hit at anytime.

Precision Roofing Services, a leading roofer in the Mid-Michigan area, answers the most frequently asked questions about snowstorms; what should be done to protect my roof before and after a snowstorm?


Preparation is key in handling a snowstorm well before it hits your area.  You may choose to do the following:

1.  Invest in a good and properly installed ventilation and insulation system so that you are properly warned and comfortable even while the storm hits.  Furthermore, this also helps in avoiding the formation of ice dams, which can cause further damage.

2.  Keep your drainage systems clean and debris-free.

3.  Perform roofing inspections at least twice a year in order to be better informed of your roof's condition and stay on top of any signs of problems that may have surfaced and require repair.


There are also some things to be done after a  ice or snowstorm has hit.  The following tips can be done on your own, but for your own safety, we highly recommend hiring our roofing experts at Precision Roofing Services to do the job for you:

1.  Be sure to remove snow from your doors and windows to avoid water from seeping in.

2.  Remove icicles before you start working outside.  Note that icicles are a sign of ice dams and you may be experiencing water damage.

3.  Your roof is weighted down by debris and snow.  You may want to remove them to lighten the burden.  This is a good way to prevent the formation of ice dams.  You can do this from the ground with a long enough snow rake.  Or better yet, give us a call!

Do not attempt to climb up on your roof!  Leave the complicated tasks to the experts and give Precision Roofing Services a call today at (517) 393-9386 or visit our website:  www.precisionroofingmi.com.