Michigan is no stranger to the cold temperatures of winter and the recent severe cold weather and snowfall can mean trouble for an unprepared roof.

Any water deposits that were caused by precipitation will have frozen quickly.  This means additional ice deposits that can potentially aggregate damage on various roofing systems.  Ice deposits, in addition to gusty winds, causes a deadly spell on roofing shingles.

Due to the severe winter weather conditions, you should contact Precision Roofing Services for any roof leaks or repair needs right away!  Prolonging any potential damage until spring will only mean extensive and more costly damage to your roofing system.  Our roofing experts are experienced and know how to work around the cold conditions, so you can be assured of high quality service.

The harsh weather can bully your roof out of shape, and damage prevention is key to having a great roof over your head all winter long.  Contact us by visiting our website and schedule an appointment for a free quote:  www.precisionroofingmi.com

Mitigating Winter Roof Damage - Image 1