Ice Dams Spell Big Trouble For Your Roofing System!

Most homeowners in Michigan understand that brutal winter weather can be particularly harsh on roofing, but may not realize that the same winter weather can also damage gutters.  Homeowners should be vigilant in looking out for the following warning signs:


Although icicles are quite beautiful to look at, they are the most obvious sign of an existing gutter problem.  In most cases, icicles are a direct result of gutter blockage due to ice dams or accumulated debris such as twigs and leaves.  Icicles should be removed as soon as possible, as they can fall without any warning and harm anything or anyone beneath it.


How old are your gutters?  Most people do not think about the age of their gutters.  However, gutter experts claim that if gutters are older than fifteen year old, there is a good chance that it was installed by simply nailing it to the fascia board.  If so, the excess weight of accumulated ice and snow can rip your gutters right off the side of your home.

If you notice that your gutters are guilty of the aforementioned signs, be sure to contact Precision Roofing Services.  Do not delay gutter repair as it can quickly lead to water invading your home once the snow begins to thaw, resulting in costly roof and home repairs.