It's easy to forget about your roof until winter is here, and suddenly you have a leak inside your family room!  That's why it's imperative to make sure the roof of your home is in ideal shape and to have any maintenance or repair work done before the temperature drops.

Hail storms, high winds, ice, and snow can all take a toll on the integrity of your home.  Proper maintenance and care of your roof is critically important to avoid property damage due to winter weather.  

One of the most insidious causes of roof damage during the winter is the ice dam.  As snow melts and then refreezes, ice can build up in gutters.  But once additional snow and ice melts upon the roof, the water coming down can have nowhere to go.  Also, if water freezes in gutters, the ice can expand and cause damage to the seal between the drain pipe and the gutter.  Ice dams can also go under roof shingles causing damage.  When the ice melts, expensive and damaging leaks can occur.

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If an ice dam forms on your roof in the winter, it can cause water to back up under your shingles and start flowing into your home. This can potentially cause $100's, if not $1,000's worth of damage to the interior of your home.  Water that gets inside your home can destroy drywall, ruin carpet, promote mold/mildew growth, rot out wood, and even damage personal belongings like art, photos, and furniture.

Icicles are a red flag that you've got ice dams on your roof and you need to take care of the situation quickly to minimize water damage inside your home.  Like an iceberg, the icicles are the most visible part of ice dams.  The icicles are attached to the ice dam hiding under the snow at the edge of your roof.

The ice dam is solid and won't leak into your home but it's a dam, and behind the dam, lurks a pool of water that collects as the snow further up on your roof melts.  It's this water that can't drain that ultimately finds it's way inside your home causing lots of damage.  

Icicles and ice dams mean big trouble for your roofing system!  Contact us today by visiting our website and scheduling an appointment for an assessment and free quote:

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