A Mule-Hide Roofing System is a single ply membrane adhered to your roof by adhesive and specially designed accessories.  The technical name is EPDM.  EPDM is rubber that comes in large, flat sheet sizes.  Large enough that for most small, residential, flat roofs it will cover the roof in one piece.  This means less seams, which means lower maintenance and superior protection against leaks.  Other roofing systems have 3-foot wide sheets creating multiple seams with more potential for leaks.  

Environmentally friendly installation, your Mule-Hide EPDM membrane can be fully adhered to your roof using Mule-Hide's exclusive Water Base Bonding Adhesive - the choice of professional roofers who want a high performance product that is safe to their crew and safe to the environment.  No need to worry about hazardous chemicals or vapors, Mule-Hide's Water Based Bonding Adhesive is acrylic based and solvent free.

You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing these 5 things about your Mule-Hide rubber roofing system:

  • Flexibility - Rubber membrane remains flexible in hot and cold temperatures so it will not split or crack due to the variable elements of weather.
  • Integrity - Our lightweight membrane makes your roof last longer than with other roofing materials.
  • No chance of fire during installation - No torches or open flames needed to install.
  • Minimal Disruption - Our roofing system can be applied to most roofs in one day.

10-year Membrane Warranty - Stands behind our promise of performance, proven by millions of square feet installed across the country.

"Through ongoing interchange of experiences with contractors, Mule-Hide keeps
on top of the latest roofing requirements and solutions. Trusted in roofing since
1906, Mule-Hide is the right choice for all kinds of installations. Our time-tested
and proven systems are affordable and easy to install, and they meet even the 
strictest demands of today’s commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings
— always with an eye on the future."

For more information regarding Mule-Hide Products, visit their website:  www.mulehide.com

If you have questions regarding flat roof installation or repairs, contact Precision Roofing Services by visiting our website: www.precisionroofingmi.com or calling (517) 393-9386.  When it comes to flat roofing, we are the experts in the Mid-Michigan area!

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