Contemporary home designs also feature standing seam metal roofing to provide cool, clean angularity.  The shape of a modern style home is one of the defining features, and rooflines of modern homes can be uncomplicated and either very steep or very low pitch.  Due to an emphasis on materials, metal is a hallmark of contemporary designs.  It is also a practical component of asymmetrical and single slope roofs in postmodern and deconstructivist design.  Initially used for practical reasons in hurricane prone areas, the light-colored standing seam roof and shutters have become important design elements of a coastal cottage style that is also showcased and becoming popular in other parts of the country.  A cool metal roof, large windows, and porches encapsulate a casual vacation elegance that many homeowners seek.  On just about any type of home, standing seam roofing can be seen in combination with other roofing materials as an accent on a front porch, lower roof section, dormer, or attached garage.

The contrast of standing seam metal as a roof accent, combined with wood shingle or shake on other portions of the roof, draws attention to the unique features of the roof and allows a mixture of colors and textures.  On low pitched roofs or other places where shingles would not be appropriate, standing seam metal is both practical and attractive.

A standing seam metal roof finds its place on many styles of homes across the nation and is becoming more popular in Michigan because of its beauty, low maintenance, durability, and energy cost savings for the homeowner.  Adaptable standing seam metal is an attractive and fitting choice on a wide variety of home styles.  Whether used to top a modern home, a traditional farmhouse, a vacation cottage, or used as an accent, a standing seam roof is both practical and plain-spoken.  

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Long lasting, durable, impact resistant, and fire and wind resistant, metal roofing is becoming the "last roof you will ever need" by many homeowners.

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