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Every now and then, a homeowner calls and asks us to quote a roof project over the phone.  So why don't we provide quotes over the phone?  

Precision Roofing Services has nearly 20 years of experience providing quality craftsmanship and outstanding service to our customers.  We offer complete exterior residential and commercial repair and home improvement services.  Only the best materials and high quality products are used for every project.  Our attention to detail, commitment to quality, and focus on professional service are the principles that continue to drive our company today. 

Our home improvement consultants use a tried and true approach to quoting your project.  We do not typically provide quotes over the phone, online or by email - and here's why; Your home is one of the most important investments you will ever make.  Why would you settle for anything less than accuracy when it comes to quoting your home improvement project?  And in order to provide you with the most accurate quote possible, it is important that our roofing experts meet with you, the homeowner, inspect your roof and take some measurements.  We need to evaluate what is underneath your shingles in order to provide you with our best recommendation.  Our consultants will often want to look inside your attic if possible, (particularly if you are seeing wet spots, water stains, or leaks) and evaluate your insulation and attic ventilation as these are integral and important parts of your roofing system. Our roofing experts will take photos and most often, will actually get up on your roof for a closer inspection.  In spite of today's online shopping conveniences, we have found over the years, that our on-site appointment system still works well and our customer comments and reviews have shown us over and over again, that our way of doing business is the best way, and the most honest way.  Our goal is to provide the best possible experience to our customers when it comes to home improvement projects.  Our continued success depends on it.

You should know that customer satisfaction drives everything we do.  We want you to be proud of the work we have done, so you can share that pride with others. 

Carefully selecting a contractor is the most important decision you will make regarding your home improvement project.  The following are four questions you should ask and consider in order to make a successful construction investment:

1.  What is the full name and address of the company?  If the contractor is not permanently established, how can you be confident the work will be completed once you've     signed a contract and handed over a deposit?

2.  Does the company carry insurance and is the coverage adequate?  You should automatically reject any contractor without proper and adequate insurance.

3.  Is the company a licensed contractor and are they a member of a trade association and in good standing?

4.  How long has the contractor been in business?  Will they be available in the future for any problems which may surface?  

Precision Roofing Services has been serving the Mid-Michigan area with high quality roofing and other home improvement services since 1997.  Our customer reviews reflect our commitment to quality workmanship and has made us one of the most respected roofing contractors in Michigan.  We are fully licensed and insured.  

When it comes to quoting your home improvement project, quotes over the phone are not the best way to know what to expect.  Contact us today and schedule an on-site appointment.  It takes no more than an hour of your time and when it comes to such an important investment as your home, it's well worth it to know exactly what your quote will include, and gives the opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have.