Your roof is the first line of protection and defense from all kinds of rough weather, keeping your home dry, safe, and warm.  However, many homeowners neglect to have their roof inspected on a regular basis which can lead to problems, such as poor drainage, missing or loose shingles, and ultimately, leaks inside the home.

Two components of your roofing system that are equally important to offering protection to your home are the fascia and soffit.  Properly installed, the fascia and soffit improve the overall functionality of the roof so it is important to inspect both regularly after heavy snow, ice, and wind storms.  Any damage as a result should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Roofing System Components  The Fascia and Soffits - Image 1

The fascia is the part of the roof which creates a barrier between the outside and the edge of the roof.  It is typically installed behind the gutters and beneath the roof line.  The fascia usually covers the entire structure and can be attached either to the top of the exterior walls or to the rafter's uncovered ends.

 Extending from the side of the structure to the edges of the eave, the soffit is what is used beneath the eave on the house's exterior in order to seal the space beneath.  The soffit also helps with ventilating the attic and typically features small holes which allow the air to cycle to the vents thereby drawing moisture and heat away.  This is very important as moisture in the attic can lead to wood rot in the rafters and sheathing of your roof.  Having to replace rafters and sheathing when tearing off and installing new shingles can significantly add to the cost of a new roof once your asphalt shingles have served their expected time and begin to curl and become loose.

Not only is the inspection of the shingles on your roof important to prevent leaking and other problems with your home's roofing system -- having the fascia and soffit inspected is equally important to ensure your roof will last as many years as possible and keep your home protected from adverse weather.

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