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Before and After Pictures from Lansing
Roof Replacement in Lansing, Michigan

Roof Replacement in Lansing, Michigan

Before After
Roof Replacement in Lansing, Michigan Roof Replacement in Lansing, Michigan

Complete tear off and new roofing system installed.

Roof Replacement in Lansing, MI

Roof Replacement in Lansing, MI

Before After
Roof Replacement in Lansing, MI Roof Replacement in Lansing, MI

This Cape Cod style home built in the 1950's needed a new roof.  The roof was 19 years old and the shingles were starting to curl.  Our crew completely tore off the old shingles from the home. New Waterproof Shingle Underlayment was installed along all the eaves as well as Synthetic Water Resistant Underlayment to the remainder of the roof deck.  A new CertainTeed Landmark roofing system was installed in Georgetown Grey.  

Lansing Residential Flat Roof Repair

Lansing Residential Flat Roof Repair

Before After
Lansing Residential Flat Roof Repair Lansing Residential Flat Roof Repair

Customer contacted us because they had discovered leaking in the bedroom addition to their home.  Our crew came to the rescue by removing and replacing 10' fascia as needed and then installed 1 ply mod bit on the 25 x 14 deck.  Shingles were replaced along with one boot.

Lansing, Michigan Trusted Commercial Roof Repair Contractor

Thanks so much for the excellent roofing job....
Happy Customers Surrounding Lansing, MI
Work Requests

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Reviews From Lansing
Testimonials From Lansing
it was our first contractor experience and i have to give them props for how they handled us
Testimonial by Mitchell K. from Lansing, MI
Precision Roofing Services presents a professional image.
Testimonial by Joel W. from Lansing, MI

Roofing, Siding & Replacement Window Contractor in Lansing, MI

The experts here at Precision Roofing Services are your local roofing professionals throughout Lansing and the surrounding areas.  We are fully educated, experienced and equipped to handle any and all of your roofing needs. Whether it's roof repair, roof maintenance, or a full roof replacement, our team is ready to take on tasks of any size.  If you are experiencing any roof leaks, have broken or torn shingles, or have mold on your roof, then it’s time to get a professional to examine your home. We also offer top quality siding installation or replacement, utilizing vinyl, steel, fiber cement, cedar, aluminum, and many more siding options. In addition, we install replacement windows fit for any home and available in a variety of styles. 

Precision Roofing Services has been serving the community since 1997.  As members of the National Association of Home Builders, and CertainTeed’s Master Shingle Applicator, our team is fully prepared for your residential or commercial project. Our commitment to quality and customer service has made us one of the most respected roofing contractors in Michigan, and we are proud to continue to serve our customers to the best of our abilities. All of our roofers are fully certified and utilize only the best products that the industry has to offer, fully preparing us to take on a project of any size and provide you with the best product possible. 

Roof Repairs For Any Home

Most people forget the importance of their roof until it's far too late. It's important to have your roof serviced regularly in order to preserve it's life as well as maintain it's quality. If your roof has shingles that are suddenly missing or mysterious leaks throughout your home, our roof repair services are ready to help. Our roofing specialists will carry out a full examination of the entire roof in order to properly diagnose the problem, and ensure that the overall health of the roof is intact. We'll provide you with an in-depth cost estimate for repairs, and make sure that you're completely informed of all possible options. Once we've gone over proper paths for repair, we'll carry out our job in a timely manner and leave your property good as new. No matter what the issue is, you can count on Precision Roofing Services to have your roof in working order in no time at all.

Roof Replacements You Can Trust

Unfortunately, minor repairs and proper maintenance can't always delay the inevitable. If your roof has taken significant damage or has been worn down over many years, it's most likely time for a proper and total roof replacement. While the idea of a total replacement can be a daunting task, Precision Roofing Services has the expertise and know-how necessary to leave you relaxed throughout the entire process. We'll work with you every step of the way to find a roofing solution that's specifically tailored to your home - your satisfaction is our number one priority!

High-Quality Replacement Windows

Precision Roofing Services is also a leading provider of high-quality replacement windows. If you're dealing with drafty windows or are looking to upgrade the overall appearance and energy efficiency of your home, our professionals can help. We provide a wide product selection and colors that are perfect for any home: 

  • Vinyl, wood & fiberglass windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Casement windows
  • And more!

If you're looking for roofing services or more in Lansing or the surrounding areas, contact us today for a FREE estimate!

Case Studies From Lansing
Images of a project where the homeowner attempted to repair a roof leak on his own.
Customer contacted us because she noticed a leak. Our repair technician discovered a small area on either side of the chimney where the wood had...
Job Stories From Lansing, MI
Chimney Re-Flashing and Repair

Worn our chimney flashing is a very common source for roof leaks.  When left unattended, wood underneath can become rotted and will need replacing, increasing the cost of the repairs.  It is recommended homeowners have their roofing, chimney, vents, gutters and attic space inspected for signs of leakage twice a year.

Commercial Roof Repair

Removed and replaced 13 feet of step flashing and drip edge.  Removed and replaced damaged wood.  Removed and replaced approximately 3 square of shingles and re-flashed ridge cap area.  Re-flashed one corner of dog house.  

Replace Chimney Flashing in Lansing

Although this roof is only a few years old, the homeowner contacted us because of leaking in two different areas inside the home. Our roofing specialist identified the problem area around the chimney and flashing needed to be replaced. Our roofing tech removed the shingles around the chimney and the existing flashing.  New chimney flashing was installed along with new shingles. A fairly simple and inexpensive repair done right away will preserve the life expectancy of your roof and can save you from more expensive repairs both inside and outside your home later.

Chimney Flashing - A Common Source of Roof Leaks

This homeowner contacted us after noticing water damage inside the attic of this ranch style home built in 1950.  The roof on the home is 15 years old. Our roofing specialist took a closer look up on top and discovered the flashing around the chimney needed replacing and had several loose shingles.  Paying attention and having these types of roof repairs made early can prolong the life expectancy of your asphalt roof.

Roof Replacement in Lansing

This homeowner initially contacted us after a major windstorm damaged the roof and caused some leaking inside the home.  As a result, we worked with the customer's insurance company to cover a portion of the project and replaced the homeowner's entire roof on the home and the garage.  

Roof Replacement in Lansing

This 25 year old roof had just started to leak and the homeowner was wise to take action right away. Our expert roofing crew tore off all the old shingles and removed all roof/wall and penetration flashings. New flashing were installed, 2 boots replaced, chimney flashed and can vent removed. Ventilation Ridge Vent was installed and waterproof shingle underlayment was installed along the eaves, along with synthetic water resistant underlayment to the remainder of the roof deck.  New CertainTeed Landmark shingles were installed in Heatherblend.

Chimney Repair in Lansing

Homeowner initially contacted us to fix a leak around the chimney of this 2 story home built in 1916.  It was determined by our technician that the actual leak was at the two top corners of the chimney.  Our technician removed shingles, ridge cap, step and apron flashing from the two sides of the chimney.   He then re-flashed the chimney with new materials and installed new shingles in the repair area.

Roof Replacement in Lansing

Homeowner originally contacted us to quote repairs for shingles that had blown off during a windstorm.  Because of the age and condition of the roof, we worked with the homeowner and his insurance company and replaced the entire roof.  Our crew tore off 2 layers of shingles and replaced decking where necessary.  Water proof shingle underlayment was applied to the remainder of the deck as well as water resistant underlayment. New flashing was installed at all roof/wall intersections and chimneys. CertainTeed shingles were installed in Moire Black.

A case where repairs are only a temporary fix. . . an asphalt roof will only last so long.

This ranch style home built in 1962 is due for a new roof.  The current roof is 20 years old and leaking in more than one area. Our repair technicians did what they could to squeeze out a little more time from this worn out asphalt roof with the intention of replacing the roof in the future.  Keeping in mind that these repairs will only take care of the problem temporarily, our repair technicians replaced some can vents which were not installed properly and were allowing water to run under the shingles.  They also cleaned and re-flashed areas around the chimney which had been tarred (tar never works well) and was cracked and allowing water to come in.  Our flat roof technician did some patching and sealing on the mod-bit area covering the porch.  Again, these repairs will only stop the leaking temporarily.  This house needs a new roof.



Roof Replacement in Lansing

Our crew tore off the shingles from the entire house and removed all roof/wall and penetration flashings.  New flashing was installed.  Installed water proof shingle underlayment where specified along all eaves along with synthetic water resistant underlayment to the remainder of the roof deck. They then installed Shingle Vent II ridge vent with external baffles.  New shingles were installed to complete the project.

Roof Repair in Lansing, MI

Complete tear off. Redecking and installation for this roof.

Roof Leak Repair in Lansing, MI

This homeowner contacted us because she was noticing leaking from the flat roof portion of this Bungalow style home. The flat roof is located over an addition to the home and the roof age was 20 to 25 years. The roof had been repaired before and because of the age, it was decided by the homeowner that it would be more cost efficient to replace the entire roof over the addition. Our crew tore off the existing shingles and installed Ice and Water over the entire flat roof. Synthetic Water Resistant underlayment was installed to the remainder of the deck. CertainTeed Landmark shingles in Driftwood completed the job.

Roof Replacement After Storm Damage in Lansing, MI

These homeowners contacted us because a large tree limb had landed on this home which resulted in damage to the main roof, siding, soffit, and fascia. Our crew got started right away by tearing off all shingles and underlayments from both sides of the main roof. Waterproof Shingle Underlayment was installed to the roof and Water Resistant Underlayment to the remainder of the deck. New flashing was installed at all roof/wall intersections. New CertainTeed Landmark shingles were installed in Burnt Sienna. Our repair crew took care of the damaged and broken rafters, soffit and fascia on the driveway side of the home and then replaced the aluminum siding on the side of the house extending around the rear to the chimney with new vinyl siding. Good as New!

Roofing Job in Lansing

What showed up as a leak above the kitchen area of this bi-level home became a brand new roof.  Due to the age of the roof, the homeowner made the right decision to replace the entire roof rather than end up with costly repairs later.  Our crew tore off the worn out shingles from the entire roof, and installed waterproof shingle underlayment as specified along all the eaves and Synthetic Water resistant underlayment to the remainder of the roof deck.  New CertainTeed Landmark shingles were installed in Driftwood.

Tear off and Installed New Roof in Lansing

The homeowners of this Cape Cod style home built in 1928 were told by their insurance company that they needed to replace the roof within one year.  Our crew went to work removing 2 layers of shingles and re-decking a portion of the roof before applying a new CertainTeed Landmark roofing system in Colonial Slate.  Our crew also removed and installed a new skylight and new flashing at all roof/wall intersections and chimneys.

Roof Repair in Lansing, MI

Because the soffits and fascia are an important component of your roofing system, maintenance and repairs to any damage should be evaluated and addressed right away.  Due to storm damage, this homeowner contacted us to make repairs to the over hang, fascia, and gutter over the front door. Our crew started by removing and saving the gutter, and then replaced all damaged fascia wood. Aluminum soffit panels and fascia were then installed. The gutter was re-installed with two new 5" outside gutter corners.

New Shingle Roof in Lansing

We tore off all shingles from the entire house.  Installed waterproof shingle underlayment along all eaves and synthetic water resistant unerlayment to the remainder of the roof deck.  We then installed Shingle Vent II ridge vent with external baffles.  CertainTeed Landmark roofing system in Weathered Wood was the finishing product.

Lansing, MI Roof Replacement

This Cape Cod style home built in the 1950's needed a new roof. The 19-year-old roof had several signs of wear and tear so all parties agreed a full roof replacement would be the best course of action. Our crew quickly got to work and removed the old shingles as well as the underlayment so new materials could be installed. Overall the new roof looks great and will keep this home protected for decades to come!

Lansing, MI Church Roof Replacement

As a result of windstorm damage, this church in Lansing decided to go forward and replace the entire worn out roof. Our crew started with a complete tear off of all shingles and underlayment from the entire roof and carport.  The smaller chimney on the rear of the church was also removed. Waterproof shingle underlayment was installed and new flashing at all roof/wall intersections. A new CertainTeed Landmark roofing system in Black Moire was installed.  

Asphalt Roof Replacement in Lansing, MI

Our crew tore off all shingles and underlayment from this entire home and then installed waterproof shingle underlayment to the roof as specified.  Water resistant underlayment was then installed to the remainder of the deck. Some areas of the roof deck needed repair. New flashing was installed at all roof/wall intersections and chimneys. New CertainTeed shingles in Hunter Green completed the project.

Roof Repair in Lansing, MI

After a major windstorm, this homeowner discovered shingles in his yard and areas on the roof where shingles had blown off or were loose.  While it may not seem like a big deal to some, missing, loose, or curling shingles can become a major problem if left unattended, producing leaks on down the road.  A simple and inexpensive repair can save a homeowner a bundle of money on down the road.   

Commercial Roof Repair in Lansing, MI

This customer contacted us regarding leaking from a steel roof commercial building. The roof over the break area had been repaired by another company several times, however, the leaking continued.  Once our technicians examined the problem area, it was discovered that the cap above the employee cafeteria had been improperly sealed and damaged.  Many of the screws were rusted and needed replacing.  Overall the metal roof is in good condition, but the leaking area had not been properly sealed and other vent and cap areas needed preventive maintenance to avoid future leaking.

Out techs removed the old sealant around the cap and vent on the main roof, above the employee cafeteria and above the office area of the building.  The vent and cap were then properly sealed and screws were replaced as needed.  The old sealant was removed in the corners and re-sealed as well as around the air-conditioning unit.  Semi-annual inspections of all roofing is encouraged to prevent problems in the future. A well-maintained roof is a happy roof! 


Leaking Roof Repaired in Lansing, MI

Fixing a long time roof leak can be tricky and it takes a lot of years of experience to identify where the leak is coming from and how to fix it once and for all.   The owner of this 2- story home built in 2011 was having leaking issues in the window area over the garage.  Our technician started the job by removing the siding, shingles. and apron flashing along the dormer above the garage and at the roof transition to the right of the dormer.  New underlayment, flashing, and shingles were installed and vinyl siding was re-installed.  He also removed the pipe flashing boot on the rear of the house and installed new.  He then caulked along the bottom of the freeze board and the J channel above the window on the garage dormer. Leak Repaired = Happy Customer!

Flat Roof Repair in Lansing

To fix this residential flat roof leak repair our flat roof expert technician sealed the perimeter and around all penetrations with Gacco liquid tape.  He removed the eave fascia metal and fascia board and installed new fascia board and new aluminum fascia wrap.  He then wrapped the corners of fascia behind gable fascia on the ends.

Local Restaurant Gets A New Metal Roof!

Our crew recently installed a new metal roofing system on a popular local restaurant in Lansing

Commercial Flat Roof Leak Repair in Lansing

Patch and Seal Commercial Flat Roof along the eave edges and extending south along the eaves approximately 40'.  Patch and Seal around the mechanical units.  Installed new decking and roofing membrane.

Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Once our crew got started on repairing this commercial flat roof leak, they discovered actual tongue and groove 2 X 6 decking which we found unusual.

Flat Roof Leak in Lansing

fixing a flat roof leak in Lansing

Complete Roof Replacement in Lansing, Michigan

This customer originally contacted us to repair storm damage to his roof and after determining the age and overall condition of the roof, he decided to completely replace it.

Metal Roofing Replacement in Lansing, Michigan

A twenty-four year old roof is replaced with a new metal roofing system.

Installation of Roofing Membrane Materials

This customer started a do-it-yourself roofing project and soon discovered he needed our expert roofing installers to finish the job!

Building A Chimney Saddle

A series of images showing the stages of a roof leak repair and re-building a chimney saddle.

Work Requests From Lansing, MI
Beechfield in Lansing
Sever ice dams causing interior damages and falling gutters on several buildings (140 units) in a condominium association that we manage. Urgent help needed!! Please call ASAP. Thank you!!!!
S Washington in Lansing
We are having an issue with high humidity in our attic. We have taken several steps to try to correct the issue (new roof less than 5 years ago, replaced the tube from the bathroom to the outside vent, sealed the light fixtures,), but none have worked. There is currently frost on the north attic wall and the thermometer we placed up there over the weekend is showing 70% humidity as of last night. Is this something you can fix?
Ronald in Lansing
Need a new roof
Meade Drive in Lansing
Looking to build a new home. Wondering what the cost of a steel roof would be.
N. Genesee Dr. in Lansing
I need an estimate to repair or replace the flat roof over the sunroom of our 1920's home. The facia boards across the front side just below the roof also need replacing.
LaSalle Gardens in Lansing
I would like you to investigate the roof for the source of a leak which is recent. Our roof is 17 years old with 25-year Certainteed shingles.
E. Cavanaugh in Lansing
We purchased a house knowing it has a roof leak and needs some repairs done. Looking to get an estimate on the portion that needs repair and check the condition of the rest of the roof for any fixes needed.
N. Magnolia Ave. in Lansing
We have soffit hanging loose on two corners of our roof. Would like to get them closed and repaired but they are too high up for any of the ladders that we have.
Fitting Avenue in Lansing
Leak in a flat roof (perhaps at the seam). The flat roof is a white material. The flat roof was installed in 2014.
E State Rd in Lansing
Roof leaking in two areas
Riley Ridge Drive in Lansing
I have a roof leak where the roofs meets. I have a cathedral ceiling. Last winter I had a leak in my den ceiling causing the ceiling to stain. I then used a snow rake to avoid another ice build up. Last weekend with the heavy rains I had the same problem in my den, only it was about 4 feet from the previous stain. I believe the ice damage last winter damaged the roofs gutter area. Please contact me as soon as possible, so I can get this repaired. Help!
Woodlawn in Lansing
This home has a flat roof at the back of the structure that is approximately 13 years old. 5 years ago, it was patched. I've had another company out to investigate leaking. They advise that the roof needs to be replaced and that moisture as actually caused some places where they could step through if they put their weight. (even though leaking was just reported to me). This is a rental home and I am the homeowner. I am interested in getting a quote for replacement of the flat roof.
Burt Hwy in Lansing
Want to have old y polyurethane foam removed from a low angle three sided valley and have it resurfaced. It has bubbled up and there is an intermittent leak. Can provide photos.
Wood St in Lansing
We have a couple leaks and have been told by another company we should have a new roof put on. We would like another estimate.
National Parkway in Lansing
Commerical building, roof leaking, has to be fixed ASAP.
Tecumseh River Rd in Lansing
Need a new roof
Robins Rd in Lansing
Our shingles are lifting, our windows aren't 100% functional, and our gutters are leaky.
Donora Street in Lansing
Roof is 25 years old and leaks. Needs to be replaced. Concerned about areas of leakage and possible plywood damage underneath as well.
Eureka St in Lansing
We have a back room with a flat roof we would like to do maintenance on it
Hydra Drive in Lansing
We need a new roof. We are the original owners & the house was built in 1996.
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