Every part of your roofing structure has a lot to do with keeping your home dry and comfortable.  You need to get to know each component to make sure they are functioning properly.  In particular, the soffit and fascia board are two components you need to be familiar with.

Understanding the Function of Fascia and Soffit

Soffit is derived from a French word that means "formed as a ceiling" and the Latin term "to fix underneath."  The soffit is the visible part beneath the roof eave's overhanging section.  Its basic function is to help with attic ventilation as it has small holes that allow air through for circulation.

Fascia, on the other hand, is a part that can easily be damaged.  It is the parallel edge that is connected to the ends of the trusses or rafters.  It's where the gutters are attached.  Its primary job is to act as a protection between the edge of the roof and the outdoors.

Importance of Fascia and Soffit

You can benefit from properly fitted fascia and soffits so make sure you only have your new roofing installed (or replaced) by certified roofers.   These roof parts are important for the following reasons:

  • They seal your roofing system against small animals.
  • They serve as ventilation for your attic.
  • They provide additional aesthetics.

The fascia and soffits play a big role in your overall roofing system.  If you are in need of roof replacement and installation, please visit our website:  www.precisionroofingmi.com.   We can assist you in choosing the perfect roof for your home's particular needs.

Fascia and Soffit