The Attic  An Important Component of Your Roofing System - Image 1

Some homeowners may think of the attic as simply extra space for storage.  But did you know the attic is an integral part of your roofing system?  You should inspect and maintain it alongside other parts of your roofing system to keep it in good condition during the winter.

Since the attic is directly under the roof, it is understandable that the attic can play a role on a roof's performance during the winter. One of the most common problems that a roof will encounter from poor attic insulation in winter is the formation of ice dams.

Air leaks where heat can escape will cause snow on the roof to melt off and form on the gutters as ice deposits, which can harm the roof and, inevitably, the entire house.  Checking the attic for water stains and leaks and assuring that they are sufficiently covered can go a long way in preventing the formation of ice dams.

If your attic inspections were a step too late in preventing damage to the roof, it is recommended that you contact us to safely handle winter roofing.  Not only will we be able to repair your roof, we can also advise you on what parts of your roof should be given extra attention to avoid these things from happening in the future.  

Your roof, if maintained properly and repaired immediately, can protect your house for a long time.  Homeowners interested in getting their roofs professionaly inspected should contact Precision Roofing Services to schedule an appointment.  You will find more information by visiting our website:

Ice dams can cause serious damage to your roof.