Case Studies

Case Studies

Roof Replacement in Jackson, Michigan
The customer initially contacted us in need of a roof repair.  This 2-story home was originally built in 1886 with additions.  Our expert roofing crew discovered...
Roof Leak Repair In Dansville
Home built in 1979 - roof leaking on backside of home in kitchen and garage area-roof age was 2-5 years old. Upon evaluation by our technician, it was discovered that one...
Residential Coating in Perry, MI
Beautiful metal roof with leaking issues from improper installment. 
Roof Replacement in Okemos, Michigan
Ice dams are a common sign of roofing system damage.  This homeowner provided images of ice dams on his roof from the previous winter.  Our roofing experts discovered...
Window and Siding Repair in Haslett, MI
The customer had had several contractors take a look at his siding but no one seemed to be able to correct the problem.  
Roof Repair in Holt, Michigan
This customer contacted us when he first noticed a water stain on the living room ceiling.  When our repair technician arrived, he immediately noticed the branches of...
Waverly Party Store - Commercial Roof
" I had no idea. I didn't know there was a way to prevent this nightmare."   Unfortunately, the staff at Precision Roofing Services hear phrases like that too often....
Building A New Chimney Saddle
Customer contacted us because she noticed a leak.  Our repair technician discovered a small area on either side of the chimney where the wood had rotted underneath the...
Flat Roof Leak In Lansing
Images of a project where the homeowner attempted to repair a roof leak on his own.
Complete Flat Roof Replacement and Interior Repair
The trouble with flat roofs, they need to be monitored more than a pitched roof because there is no way for the water to naturally filter away.   Ponding, is an industry...
Lowell Road Roof Leak - Jeff T.
Customer was experiencing roof leakage where home and attached garage meet.  Flashing had been replaced a few years ago, but the roof was leaking again in the same area....
Roof Leak Repair in Grand Ledge
Customer had noticed a water stain in the kitchen ceiling area a few weeks ago.
New Roof and Sky Lights in Eagle, MI
Customer contacted us with concerns about their roof leaking during heavy rains.  This home built in 1955 has a hexagon roof shape with cathedral ceilings.  Skylights,...
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